What is the GlobalEd Connector?

For the past few years, I have been putting together an on-line teaching resource called the GlobalEd Connector.  It is an on-line membership network for educators.  On the surface, It really serves two main functions.

  1. It allows members to connect for the purpose of hosting forums, sharing experiences, mentoring and creating recorded or live lessons.
  2. It serves as an on-line market for entrepreneurial educators desiring to create and sell their recorded video lessons.

Underneath the surface, however, it creates a world of opportunities for schools to open their doors, increase their visibility, enrich the classroom experience and for their teachers to serve as their ambassadors.

What was the reason for its creation?

15 years ago, when I was a French teacher at a school outside of Washington, DC., I wanted to start an exchange with a school in France.  I contacted schools I picked randomly or through word of mouth via email and phone but could not get through to the people I needed to connect with.  It was a painstaking and frustrating process. I did find a conference to attend in Paris, however, and my school funded my travel. Off I went. I spent a week there. The conference lasted three days. I did meet a number of schools and spent the remainder of the week on a train traveling around and visiting their campuses, doing my due diligence. I ended up finding the school I was looking for and was able to start an exchange. After about $10,000, a week of preparation and research followed by a week of travel, I succeeded in what I had set out to do. Though the experience was a success, it was only because I had a strong will, it was summer and my school had a budget.

The GlobalEd Connector was born from this experience. Teachers have so much we would like to accomplish with such little time and resources. The students are our first priority and everything else gets pushed aside.  We have many ideas on how to enrich their learning experience but, due to limited resources and time constraints, we often just keep everything within the confines of our walls. It is a very insular experience being a teacher. But if you ask any teacher whether they would appreciate having a resource like the GlobalEd Connector at their fingertips, all would say “absolutely.” The platform provides the type of enrichment they look for with limited effort and resources from their end. All of a sudden the walls of their classrooms disappear and their students have immediate access to the world. The platform facilitates working on language skills with native speakers, learning first hand about the lives of students from across the world, having debates, sharing data, starting exchanges, finding a mentor, helping a fellow teacher, sharing thoughts and ideas.  All of this can be accomplished through the GlobalEd Connector. All that is needed is access to a computer, the internet,  and a profile.

In addition, teachers can capitalize on their own intellectual property. Teaching is primarily about the transfer of knowledge.  If a teacher cannot do that, it does not matter how many degrees he/she has.  The students will not learn.  That is why the style and creativity put into each lesson is so important.  Why not capitalize on that by sharing lessons in video form and making some money at the same time?

What are the benefits?

Making connections through a site like the GlobalEd Connector allows teachers to extend their lessons beyond the confines of their classrooms.

Having the ability to seek out help when needed, for instance, when the lesson is not working, is invaluable.

Teachers are a school’s best asset.  A strong faculty attracts families to the school.  Why not encourage teachers to help market the school by showing how creative, innovative and effective they are with their students.

Teachers have so much intellectual capital.  It is not always about the content.  The style and the manner in which the lesson is delivered is what makes a teacher great.  The GlobalEd Connector can help teachers become entrepreneurs and capitalize on their skills.

Record a lesson that you know you can teach effectively and creatively.  You can post it onto your account with Globaled Connector.  Give it a title, write a description or post a preview and then price it. Then release it and allow others to learn from you.

The Directors

F. Oakes Hunnewell, Jr., Ed. M.

Founder, GlobalEd Connector

Oakes Hunnewell founded GlobalEd Connector after twenty years of working with adolescents and young adults in schools and private practice. Oakes’s educational career began in 1994 in Millbrook, NY where he taught French, History and third grade Science at Dutchess Day School.

In 1998, Oakes earned a Masters in School Administration from Harvard University. While at Harvard, he worked extensively with Shackleton Schools, an experiential-education secondary school in Massachusetts, developing curricula for its first year of operation. Subsequently, Oakes taught French at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, MD, where he also served on the admissions committee, was an advisor to the junior class, and coached the boys’ tennis teams. While at St. Andrew’s, Oakes started an exchange program with L’École des Roches, a boarding school in Normandy, France.

In 2004, Oakes joined the staff of The School Counseling Group, an educational consulting firm based in Washington, DC that has cultivated a strong national and international reputation. There, he served as the college counselor and, for five years, worked with a wide range students (mostly from Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland) helping them to find the appropriate colleges, post graduate and gap year programs.

In 2009, Oakes moved to Massachusetts and founded Hunnewell Education Group, an education consulting firm in Natick, MA. He and his team have traveled the world seeking qualified students to attend schools and colleges in the US. Locally, he continues to assist students find appropriate schools, colleges, gap year and young adult transition programs.

Oakes currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife and 2 children. He enjoys playing sports, including skiing, hiking, cycling, squash and tennis.  He is an enthusiastic traveler and a family man. Oakes is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) and is a Certified Education Consultant (CEP). Oakes has served on the Board of Trustees at Walnut Hill School, a boarding school for students interested in education and the arts and Trinity Education for Excellence Program or TEEP, an urban leadership program.

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