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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a free membership allow?
Free members can search for all other members to communicate with, ask questions and collaborate on lessons. Free members can also create, sell and purchase lessons. Finally, free members can host and join forums.

Does a free membership allow users to create and sell lessons?
Yes. Users who have registered as free members may also create, purchase and sell lessons.

How do I get paid when my lesson is purchased?
Payment for purchase will be transferred into your Paypal account at the end of each month. You must enter your Paypal email in “Payment Settings” found on your “My Lessons” page. Globaled Connector will charge you a 5% fee of the total purchase amount for the month.

How do I create a lesson and transfer it to my account?
Use any video software. Upload the video onto any of the following- Youtube, Vimer, Wistia Make sure you upload as “unlisted”. Then upload your video in your “Create your Lesson” section.

How do I upload a lesson?
If you are a paying member, go to your profile page. Click on “Create Lesson”. Give it a name. You can also give it an image. Pick a category. Where it says “Overview”, you can give it a description or upload a preview.Give it a price. We suggest you start anywhere from $5 to$10. You may increase the price if your lesson is frequently bought. Let the market dictate the value of the lesson. Upload your lesson under “Lesson Content”. Then press “Save”.

Why not just use Youtube to share my video?
The only way you can make money that way is by getting thousands and millions of hits. It doesn’t pay that well. With the GlobalEd Connector, you get paid a good sum for each purchase which is similar to a hit.

Why not just use Youtube to find lessons?
Lessons on Youtube are buried. The ones that show up are because either they have received alot of hits or the owner of the lesson paid to have it moved to the top of the list. GlobalEd Connector allows lessons to be easily found. Also, the good lessons on Youtube are generally not available because the owner has selected to “unlist” it. Youtube is just used for storage.

Payment Settings Language
Inorder to get paid for purchases, you must share your paypal email address. Please click on “Payment Settings” above.

How to best promote your video lessons and maximize sales

  1. Start cheap.  You can increase the price as you get more positive reviews.
  2. Upload a nice graphic representing your lesson.
  3. Upload a preview of your lesson.  Nobody will purchase your lesson without first seeing a preview.
  4. Keep your video lesson focused on the actual activity or lesson delivery.  People won’t want to watch the run ups or unrelated activities like students settling into their seats etc….  It may affect your review scores and, therefore, the price of sale.
  5. Don’t make your video lessons too long.  Break them up.  Some people don’t have the attention span.  Limit to 15-20 minutes max.
  6. Promote your lessons on the public message board so that all members will know about them.
  7. Promote directly to your GlobalEd friend groups.  People do want to support one another, especially if they know each other.
  8. Read your reviews, good and bad.  The bad ones will tell you what to do differently and make you a better teacher and the good ones will excite you and encourage you to share more lessons.
  9. Remember, just because you are recording yourself does not mean you have to upload the lesson.  If you feel you could have done better, don’t upload and try again. There is absolutely no pressure.
  10. Also, you don’t need to be in a classroom to record a lesson.  You can do it from home if appropriate.  As long as the delivery and content is helpful for others to watch.

Best Practice in making video lessons

As educators, we are all sensitive to the privacy and safety of the students we teach. GlobalEd is no different. It is important to take some precautions when recording lessons. Please also consult with a school administrator to determine what your school’s policies are. Depending on your school’s policy, please consider taking the following steps when you decide to record a lesson.

  1. Consider recording from your home or in a neutral space. You may not need the presence of students.
  2. If recording in your classroom, place your camera such that students are not visible in the frame.
  3. Record using colleagues as your students.
  4. If you want to do an interactive lesson with your students, be sure to ask your administrators permission to record. You may have to have your parents sign a waiver.
  5. You can always do an interactive lesson outside of school using your own waivers, your friends and/or your friends’ children.

Again, it is important to consult with an administrator to understand the school’s policy regarding privacy and safety of the students.

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