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What People Say

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Paul Arnaud

High School English Teacher

” As a teacher, I am always looking for additional sources of income. I often tutor on school vacations to help make ends meet. However, being able to upload lessons and teach live allows me to make money while creating my own brand much like an entrepreneur would. All I need is a screen and a creative way of delivering a lesson plan. “


Antonio Viva, Head of School

Walnut Hill School for the Arts

” The key to any good collaboration starts with knowing who to partner with. In teaching, this can be a challenge as the perfect partner might be half way across the globe or in the town next door. Using a platform that can connect teachers with one another provides a solution to one of the biggest obstacles to any collaborative endeavor, it connects those who share a passion for what they teach with others who share it as well. “


Doug Litowitz, Chair

History Department, Vail Mountain School

“As a student, one of the most meaningful learning experiences I had was when I studied abroad in England.  To be able to sit in a classroom filled with British, Italian, American, and Indian students as we were taught about the World Wars by a German professor opened my eyes to the importance of understanding the value of different perspectives and viewpoints.  These lessons I learned as a student inform every class I teach today. In order to understand Islam, for example, it is vital to understand the perspective of men and women living in various parts of the Muslim World. TED Talks and articles are great, but being able to connect students with peers from around the world helps develop a deeper level of understanding and empathy.  To me, this is the true value of GlobalEd Connector, which can be truly transformative for students and teachers alike.”


Lee Hunnewell, English Teacher

Lycee Jeanine Manuel

“I work at a bilingual school in Paris whose student body represents about 80 nationalities. This makes GlobalEd a particularly valuable resource to me because an ability to connect with teachers all over the world would enable me to create resources that would better represent my own students. It would also allow me to better understand and utilize the cultural dynamics at play in my classroom.”


Suzie Hanson, Executive Director

WA Federation of Independent Schools

“As an advocate working with private schools in every corner of WA State, I have a first-hand understanding of the challenges teachers face when looking to connect with fellow educators and provide an accurate understanding of cultures. GEC will allow teachers easy access to real-world perspectives with genuine experiences for relationship building.
Diversity is more than a buzz word amongst the top private schools, it is integral to each schools mission. Global Ed Connector has tapped into a core value our school leaders and teachers strive to provide – real life experience for students while keeping them safe. GlobalConnections also has fascinating research capacity!”


Alex Haight, History Chair

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

“ Teaching students to be global citizens has become one of the hallmarks, in fact a necessity, of a 21st century education, and what better way to do that then connecting students from across the world. As a history teacher, the ability to provide my students with perspectives different their own is a central part of my teaching, and GlobalEd connector allows me to do that. Whether discussing apartheid, terrorism, or North Korea, getting viewpoints from multiple sources is essential to reach a greater understanding of the world around us and there is no doubt that GlobalEd connector is an important tool in making that happen. ”


Jennifer Hill, Berwick Academy

South Berwick, ME

“ I have been a Spanish teacher for nearly 25 years, and have always wanted to have a “sister school” somewhere in a Spanish-speaking country. I am constantly on the lookout for penpals, skype partners, teachers to share ideas and collaborate with, and perhaps to start up an exchange program. GlobalEd Connector is an exciting program that seems like it will be able to do all of the above, and more! It is user-friendly and the possibilities for connections are endless. This is the future of cross-curricular, multi-cultural, global education. ”

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