The GlobalEd Connector can help you:

  • give your students a fresh perspective on current events in the Middle East by connecting your class with students in that region.
  • facilitate a discussion on a classic British novel with students from the UK, India or other regions of the world.
  • join classes in US and Russia to create co-taught units on the Cold War.
  • connect with a class in Argentina to work on language fluency.  
  • organize a Spring Break trip to a school in France.
  • teach at a school in Spain for a year.  
  • look for community service opportunities in ecologically sensitive regions in Alaska.
  • connect with a school from a different hemisphere to collect data for a project.
  • collaborate with a school in southern California to study an issue of global importance such as water shortages.
  • compare life for a typical teenager in cities all over the world.
  • calculate the size of Earth by reenacting the famous Eratosthenes experiment between your city and another one at a different latitude.
  • organize a debate on genetically modified foods.
  • connect with a school from a different hemisphere to collect data for a Math IA.
  • compare CAS experiences between schools from other parts of the world. 
  • have your students give their Theory of Knowledge presentations to a class in another IB school via Skype.
  • ask a class in Gstaad, Switzerland to share data and have a discussion on how climate change has impacted glaciers in the region.
  • donate books to a school in a region that is recovering from a natural disaster.
  • prepare a new lesson plan with the assistance of a more experienced teacher.
  • find a new catering service to provide lunch at your school.
  • hire a Latin teacher to fill in during a maternity leave.
  • begin a teacher exchange program with a school in Colombia, South America.
  • find a mentor. 


These are only some of the experiences The GlobalEd Connector can facilitate for you and your students.  For this to happen, you must set up an account by filling out the registration page.  Then, complete your profile so that you can search for and be searched by teachers with similar needs/interests. Once you have done so, you can start building connections.